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I believe that everything that human beings can imagine is possible; that art, science and nature must be seen as a symbiotic whole. As a child I became fascinated by the minute complexity of communities of ants and by the infinite enormity of the stars. As a young adult I discovered my passion for art and my penchant for science, and have been fusing both disciplines in my sculptural works ever since.


I am impassioned by advancing technologies and the development of ecological civilisations. I look at reality and I see worlds within worlds that create yet more worlds. I’m fascinated in the way that the smallest and least visible details often have enormous repercussions for ourselves and our universe. I delight in each sculpture that allows me to examine such themes in the public realm.


My design philosophy is to create organic sculptures. I make use of temporal change – night and day, the weather and the passing seasons – to create pieces that look exquisite and subtly different depending on when, and from where, they are seen. I feel very strongly that public art should be ecologically viable, as much in terms of its integration in to its housing space as in terms of the materials and processes used to construct and install it.


I create sculptures that people can walk through, repose in, touch and feel. I fill my pieces with textures both optical and material. I want my artworks to be loved by the public and to form a living, growing part of their communities. Therefore, it is extremely important to me that each and every member of the public is able to safely interact with my work. My sculptures are designed with this as a priority, and are then meticulously checked and approved by qualified professionals.

I use classical techniques alongside cutting edge technologies to produce sculptures that last for lifetimes. Each and every artwork is designed to resist marine-grade corrosion, hurricane force winds, and attempted vandalism. I work exclusively in the very highest quality materials, and rely on my expertise in designing and fabricating precision-engineered structures as well as external vetting by qualified professionals.


I am highly aware of the collaborative nature of public art projects and always look for the best and most productive way to combine my artistic efforts with the wider projects and larger teams within which I will be working. I have extensive experience of collaborating and consulting on an international basis with residents, local councils, governments, design teams, engineers and architects, at all phases of design, fabrication and installation. Moreover, I take great pleasure in undertaking exhaustive research into the areas in which my artworks will be placed; immersing myself in their histories and realities, and finding the best solution for the space and those all those who share it.


On each single project; every single day: public art continues to be my passion.